Musicians of the agency

Photo by Milton Miller

Milton Miller

A singing teacher from Argentina who is a baritone of special quality, a true globetrotter.

Photo by Leonid Nikolaev


The quartet lives in Moskow, is twice a year on a European tour and they were several times on TV.

Photo by Bogdan Tyshchenko

Bogdan Tyshchenko

A guitarist from the Ukraine, a graduate of Mozarteum (Salzburg), who feels at home in the classical music.

Photo by Eduardo Rodriguez

Eduardo Rodriguez

Born in Mexico, Eduardo and his ensemble La Bruja plays most of the time folk and light music.

Photo by Thomas Lahr

He already played at the celebration of the mayoral election of Salzburg. He loves big stages, an exceptionally gifted saxophonist.

Photo by Sensor

András Meszerics

A singer-songwriter
who delivers a brilliant performance with his high pitch of voice and original compositions.

Blue song -Demo

Foto von Nösti

Like wine, the older the finer - a talented interpreter of Wiener Lieder, who already saw the world.

Schlager – Hörprobe
Photo by Antonius


Antonius was born in Greece. He is currently in dance education (Sead) and feels comfortable in small circles.